7 Questions Every Website Visitor Wants Answered In 10 Seconds
7 questions every website visitor wants answered in 10 seconds graphic by springboard website design

7 Questions Every Website Visitor Wants Answered In 10 Seconds


What Is Your Website About?

Viewers will not waste time on your site if they cannot figure out what product or service you are offering to them.  Make your site extremely clear by proclaiming what your site is about right at the top of your site with an impact statement.

How does your product/service help them?

Viewers want to immediately know how the information on your site will help them.  Your site should easily convey to them why they should care about what is on your site.



Don't leave your users guessing about price!

If you are selling goods, it should be easy for a user to determine how much it will cost.  Services are slightly different as the price usually changes with the complexity and size of the job.  With either goods or services, it should be simple for the viewer to find out the price or contact you.  The info should never be more than a click away.  

What makes your product stand out from your competitor?

Piquing a visitor’s interest in your product is one thing, but what really helps to seal the deal is showing them how your product is different than any other product out there.  You need to show them what makes your product special.



Navigating your site should be easy

Visitors will not spend unnecessary energy trying to navigate your site.  Make sure it is easy to use and straight-forward.

who else is using your product?

Consumers generally do not like to be the guinea pig.  Having testimonials or reviews on your site go along way to establish trust in your message or product.




Establishing a way to be contacted on your site is crucial.  This should include at least a valid phone number, email and social media links.  People want to know that you are available if they have questions or concerns.

Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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