Terrifying Content Mistakes Infographic

Scary picture of orange moon

Just in time for Halloween!  I found this infographic by www.educowebdesign.com that really relates to designing a great website and I thought it was worthy to pass along.  Take a look and see if your current website has any of these faux pas.

When is it time to redesign my website

when_is_it_time_to_redesign_my_website blog cover with house on wall

When is it the right time to redesign your website?  Simply put, consider the image above in terms of your website.  Does your website look out of place?  Does it look at least as good or better than the sites listed on page one of a Google search?  Be honest with yourself.  If you are […]

5 Reasons Why I Choose WordPress For Creating Websites


Why Choose WordPress for Your Website? Creating a website in [oceanwp_date] is absolute must for anyone who has any type of a business or wants to reach a target market on the web.  If you have researched creating a website at all, you will have undoubtedly heard about WordPress.  WordPress is a content management system […]

What to Put On Your Homepage

What to put on your homepage by Springboard Website Designs

Are you struggling with how to design and what to put on your homepage?  If you don’t have a plan before looking at the screen, you are doomed to be there for hours!  Trust me.  Been there and done that :).  I see it quite often with my clients as well.  There’s no perfect formula […]

Why Do I Need A Professional Web Designer?


If you own a small business start up and want to put up a website, you have about a billion options these days. Options like Squarespace are everywhere on radio and TV.  You may think to yourself, “Why would I need a web designer?”.  While these website options sound like a great deal, are you […]