How To Improve Customer Service And Close More Deals

business deal completed because the businessman improved customer service skills to know what his customer wanted by knowing his disc personality testing style

Want to read your customer’s minds and improve your customer service? Improving customer service for small business owners is crucial to keeping your business alive.  At Springboard Website Designs, we are not only a web design company.  We help our customers with their website and write about business tips that can help your business thrive.  In this […]

PPC Marketing Performance and Web Design

Computer keyboard with a cell phone opened up to Google Ads for running a ppc marketing campaign

What is the relationship between PPC Marketing and Website Design? When the concept of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and advertising comes to mind, most people tend to limit the concept to highly-technical ideas that are closely intertwined with the marketing tool itself. Often brought up along with ad messaging, budgeting, optimization, and conversion tracking, PPC marketing […]

How To Fix Woocommerce Email Error Warnings in Gmail

Yellow Gmail Be Careful With This Message warning from Woocommerce automatically generated order emails

Are your customers seeing ‘Gmail cannot verify…’ errors on your Woocommerce order emails? Woocommerce email error warnings like ‘Be Careful with this message’ errors in Gmail stink when trying to establish credibility with your WordPress Woocommerce shop.  You’ve finally created your WordPress website, installed and configured Woocommerce, added products and have finally SOLD something.  Awesome, […]

Bad Website Design – The Negative Effects On Your Business

Man sitting at his computer frustrated by a websites bad website design

What are the negative effects of a bad website design?  A lot of business owners unfortunately neglect their website, thinking of websites as a one-and-done deal. What these business owners fail to realize is that web design is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use to catapult the growth of your […]

How To Create An Online Presence For Your Business

Man talking about How to create an online presence for your business

Building an online presence for your business Finally, your business is up and running and now you’re looking for ways to reach more people and establish your business brand. The best way to do this, hands-down, is to put your business online. How do you start building an online presence fo your business?  Building an […]