What You Need To Know Before You Build A Business Website In Idaho
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What You Need To Know Before You Build A Business Website In Idaho

We live in a time when your business website can become a liability especially in Idaho. If you’re not making any profit out of it, then there’s something wrong with your techniques. When building a small business website for a Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle or Caldwell Idaho business, you need to always have value in mind. To do that, here are some tips to get started on your business’s site:

Domain Name

Your site’s domain name must be taken seriously because it’s the first thing your audience will try to retain about your website. In general, you should use your business name as your domain name. However, when that name is already taken, you need to be creative. You should remember to avoid using special characters and figures and make it short, memorable, and readable.  One strategy is to use your service type and city in your domain name. 

Web Hosting

Your web hosting provider can make or break your website because it is responsible for making your site available 24/7. There are many web hosting providers out there; make sure you choose the best hosting type and company to suit your needs. To do so, consider your needs and research thoroughly to help you find out the best web hosting provider for you.  *All websites designed by Springboard Website Designs include premium website hosting.  See our Pricing to learn more.

Static Pages

Your website will contain static pages, which are the “standard” pages, such as the Services, About Us, Terms and Conditions, Contact Us, etc. Sort out these pages before you create other types of content and even before you make your site public.  Make sure to include references to the city (ie: Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle or Caldwell) within the text of the page so that your service will rank within the search results for that area.


Your site’s blog is essential, not only for your website but also for your overall business. It’s a powerful sales force if you craft the right content because you can gain a bigger audience with a blog. Set up your blog as a subdomain on your site, or better yet, use a Content Management System like WordPress.  Springboard Website Designs designs our sites using WordPress so that if you, as a small Idaho business owner wants, can easily create blogs that get the word out about your goods, services or expertise.  Blogs are great for showing your expertise and helping others while promoting your business.

Email List

Before you launch your business website, you need to create an email list first. This list contains your target audience’s email addresses you can use to promote your products and services, blog posts, and other business updates.


If your business is international, make sure your site can accommodate different languages. If you have a bilingual or multilingual website, it can reach a wider target audience that will benefit your business even more. 

Building a business website is tricky, which is why you need to do it right the first time. Otherwise, your business could incur a significant loss; therefore, it’s vital to be thorough before building your business website.

Create an Effective Business Website

Your business website is an important part of your brand. Therefore, you need to create a website that will suit your needs and will be effective. If not, you could lose a lot of money because building a website is no joke, and it’s definitely not cheap. Besides that, you also need to consider hiring experts to help you develop the best business website to help you get your desired results. If you want to build a business website, consider hiring a professional to help you out, especially if you don’t have the time to do it. 

Here at Springboard Website Designs in Meridian, we can help you with website design in Boise, Idaho, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, Eagle, Caldwell and beyond. We guarantee an intelligent website that will deliver real results. Contact us today and get a free website consultation!

Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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