Domain Name Registrar Guide For Non-Techies
Domain Registrar Guide by Springboard Website Designs of Meridian Idaho

Domain Name Registrar Guide For Non-Techies

A domain name registrar is simply a service provided by a company who has the ability to sell internet addresses (URL’s) to you so that you can put up your website at that internet address.  The registrar is then required to provide contact data for your internet address/URL to a worldwide registration database called WHOIS.

Now that you know what a domain name registrar is, find out more information with our domain name registrar guide such as:

Who is my domain registrar?

In case you forgot where you registered your website name, you can find that information on the WHOIS database.  Below are two websites that link to the WHOIS database and will tell you where you registered your domain name:

Does it matter what domain name registrar I use?

Absolutely!  You want a quality domain name registrar that:

  • HAS GOOD PRICING AND REGISTRATION – Some registrars offer discounted pricing for the first year then increase the price for every year thereafter.  Make sure to review the pricing information of the website registrar you choose BEFORE you make the purchase.
  • REGISTRATION PERIODS – Make sure you can register the domain name for only 1 year especially if this is for a new website.  Some companies make you register for longer periods upfront.
  • DOMAIN TRANSFERRING – Some companies actually charge for transferring your registration.  Make sure the company you use doesn’t have a charge for transferring your domain name registration as that is not a normal cost for most reputable registration companies.

What is a bad domain name registrar?

A bad domain name registrar is one that:

  • Has hidden charges for standard services such as domain name transfer fees
  • Changes the registration price from year to year
  • Has a confusing interface for making changes to your DNS

Best Domain Name Registrar

The best domain name registrar is Google Domains.  It is no secret that Google is pretty much the king of the internet in today’s age.  Here are some perks for using Google Domains and what makes them the best domain name registrar:

  • FREE DOMAIN NAME PRIVACY PROTECTION Other domain name registrars like GoDaddy make you pay for it.  That’s ridiculous!  Learn more below about Domain Name Privacy Protection and why it is important.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES – Google Domains offers no hidden fees and straight forward pricing
  • EASY INTEGRATION WITH ALL WEBSITE PLATFORMS – Easily integrates with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly etc.
  • GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION IS EASY – If you’re trying to run a company and need a centralized email and document storage option, Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is your best bet and it is super easy to integrate with your Google Domains registration.
  • EMAIL FORWARDING IS FREE – Other registration companies like GoDaddy charge you for this service
  • FAST DNS SERVERS – When you make a change to your DNS settings with Google Domains, the changes will be made across the internet in no time at all.  Some registrars consider this a premium service (NameCheap for example) and offer this as an add-on service.
  • GREAT INTERFACE – Google Domains interface is extremely easy to use and the customer support is excellent should you ever have a problem.

What is Domain Name Privacy Protection and do I need it?

Domain name privacy protection is absolutely something you will want.  When you purchase and register your domain name with your domain name registrar, your personal details such as your name, address, company name, phone number etc. are registered and displayed on the publicly accessible WHOIS database.  *Side note, do not give false information when registering your domain name or you risk having your website shut down

The following shows screen shots of what a domain registration looks like without domain name privacy protection: domain name registrar's Domain Name Registrar's domain name registration information
Example of having no Domain Name Privacy Protection

Below is an example of what you would see when browsing the WHOIS database for your website registration if you had domain name privacy protection on.

Springboard Website Designs's domain name registrar
Example of a website using domain name privacy protection
Example showing a website that is using Domain Name Privacy Protection

As you can see, with domain name privacy protection on, your registration is masked by the domain name provider which is this case is Google.

Why do I want domain privacy protection?

  • To protect your personal data from being sold
  • Prevent spammers from getting your information from the publicly available database and using it to send you spam emails and phone calls.
  • Cost through Google Domains is free or available elsewhere for $5-20 per year.

In conclusion, I hope this guide has helped you to understand what a domain name registrar is, how the register and process your information for the WHOIS database, what makes a bad domain name registrar, what is the best domain name registrar, and what domain name privacy protection is and why you would want it. 

If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Springboard Website Designs of Meridian Idaho and we’d be glad to help.

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