We Are Dispelling These 6 Myths About Website Design
Woman talking on tin can with rope representing how myths about website design are spread

We Are Dispelling These 6 Myths About Website Design

Website design, whether done well or poorly, can have a lasting impact on a viewer. Online, people’s first impression of your company will come from what your website looks like, so it is vital to build a visually appealing and effective website. When building your online space, though, you need to be sure you aren’t falling prey to oft-repeated myths about web design.

MYTH: You Can Get A High-Quality Website For Free

It is easy to find free website templates that work well and help you introduce your brand to visitors. However, the only way to ensure that you have a site that looks good, is easy to navigate, and represents your brand is to hire a digital marketing agency specializing in web design.

Even if you can customize a website template, you will inevitably run into limitations. Putting a little money into a custom website means having an online space that truly represents your company and shows customers what you can deliver to them.

MYTH: Form Is More Important Than Function

Good website design involves more than just visual appeal. It also means having a website that fits the needs of those using it. Instead of just focusing on your website’s aesthetics, think of aspects like content, readability, the responsiveness of the design, navigation, and site speed. These factors have the most impact on user experience.

MYTH: Responsiveness Is Not A Must-Have

Responsive design benefits your SEO and makes it possible for users to access your site and content no matter what device they use. Since more people today use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet, it is better to have a website that allows them to read what is on your site without difficulty. Besides making browsing convenient, responsive design also signals to Google that you have a user-centric website. Consult a digital marketing services provider to learn more about how to make your website user-friendly.

MYTH: You Only Need To Design A Website Once

Websites need updates and routine maintenance to ensure that they will perform well. Since the digital world is in constant change, Just as with any well-oiled machine, routine maintenance and updates will always be necessary for optimal site performance. The digital world changes frequently, so your website will also need readjusting and reworking. Monitor your analytics so you can keep your website relevant.

MYTH: You Can Rely Completely On Stock Photos

Though stock photography today is leaps and bounds better than it was in the early 2000s and


2010s, you still want to use original photos. You want people to visit you because of the characteristics that distinguish your brand instead of generic images in your industry. Note, though, that you must upload only high-quality images on your website; otherwise, it will look unprofessional and unpolished.

MYTH: The Most Important Page Is The Home Page

A home page acts as the entryway of your website. While you want the home page to be as welcoming as possible, keep in mind that they will not stay long in it. Make sure that the sub-pages are equally well-designed and have high-quality content.


A good website plays a significant part in a business’ digital success. Having an attractive and responsive website, coupled with relevant content, helps people see your brand as a reliable source. Get in touch with a web design agency so you can bring your dream website to life!

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Zach Springer

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