Boise Website Design – What makes a great Boise Idaho business website
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Boise Website Design – What makes a great Boise Idaho business website

Not everybody appreciates a car that runs good but looks ugly.  The same can go for website design.  You need a great looking website AND good content.  If you’re looking for website design in Boise and want a website designer that can make a website that looks professional and converts customers, check out these 5 tips that should be included on your new or updated business website:

Professional pictures

Anyone will tell you that a website with crisp, high resolution images will always make a far better first impression to potential customers than a small business website with pictures taken from an old cell phone.  Granted, cell phone cameras are getting better every year, but let’s not forget that most of us forget to clean off the lens and frankly we have no idea how to frame an image.  Editing the image is a big part of creating the images that will ‘wow’ your customers.  So what can you do if you need a new website but do not have good pictures of your business?  Hire a local photographer.  They are literally everywhere, especially here in Boise.  For a basic local business service based website (gardener, mechanic etc.), you really only need 5-10 good pictures for a typical 5 page website. 

*Pro-tip:  Try to integrate the same colors you will use on the website into the pictures you will use on the site.  For example, if your main colors for the website include some shade of blue, try to wear a blue colored shirt (preferably of the same shade) for your headshot image on your Contact page.

Personalize your website

Customers here in Boise are always looking to buy Idaho goods first.  High-resolution stock photos are great but are oftentimes taken from regions other than Boise.  For example, a Boise lawn care company shouldn’t use a great shot of a house with a perfect yard set in a forest.  Maybe that works for a northern Idaho home but for Boise, we are in the high desert and a forest style picture screams a non-Boise or Idaho person put the website together.  As for the text on the site, remember to be  professional but to also include local references and let a little bit of your personality shine.  Customers tend to convert better when they feel they can gain a sense of who you as a business owner are.

Great color scheme

A great website of any size will use a simple color scheme.  Typically a 3 color color-scheme is recommended.  One color is your main color, then you will need an accent color for items like buttons or other calls to action, and the other color can be used for decoration.  Website designs that use more than 5 colors are generally too busy and distracting.  Plenty of white space on your site is also recommended.

Just the right amount of text

Nobody wants to be overwhelmed with text when they visit a business website.  Customers want to get enough information to understand what the business is offering within 5 seconds or less.  Most people only browse the headlines.  Perhaps you’ve just done that with this article.  You need enough information on your site to get people interested but not so much that it appears cluttered and hard to process.  If you want to add more in depth text to your site, use a blog to add additional information.  Your main website pages should be straightforward with only light scrolling needed by the customer.

Clear calls to action

What do you want the customer to do?  Buy something online, visit your business, call you?  Create customer personas and be clear about what action you want the customer to take.  Make sure to add plenty of calls to action but not too much or it will look tacky and car salesman esque.


If you’re in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle or Star Idaho and are looking for a great local website designer, consider giving Springboard Website Designs of Meridian a call at 208-614-1590.  We are not a big firm and pride ourselves on using quality hosting and coding to produce a website that you and your customers will love.  We are big on teaming with you to create a website that will attract customers here in Boise and locations beyond.

Zach Springer

Zach Springer

Zach Springer is the owner of Springboard Website Designs located in Meridian, Idaho. Our services include website design, logos, graphics and photography. Give us a call today for all of your website needs.