Website Design Guides – How to Maximize ROI From Your Website

Website Design Guides – How to Maximize ROI From Your Website

As an online business owner, you will want to focus on generating traffic to your website. Also, keep in mind that your website needs to be appealing and organized with a smooth user interface if you want to achieve increased traffic. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money by sending traffic to a site that gets closed after the first three seconds of loading.

In this article, we have prepared five actionable fixes you can do to increase website profit:

1. Clean and clutter-free your websites

Visitors want to see everything they need on your website, but putting everything on a single page can be distracting and make it hard for people to find the needed information. Know that massive advertisements or bulks of text disrupt the flow of content and make your page unappealing.

Here are some practical tactics to clean your website:

  • Make your content easy to read.
  • Remove flashy advertisements that annoy visitors.
  • Utilize white spaces to give the presentation of a clean site.
  • Use graphics that attract the eyes of your visitors but don’t add too much.
  • Put key elements, such as newsletter sign-ups, in the upper corner of your website.
  • Group similar content into categories and use drop-down menus to improve website navigation.

2. Have a fast and responsive website

When Google added mobile-responsiveness as a website ranking factor in 2015, many businesses have heavily invested in their website’s responsiveness. Otherwise, it won’t get ranked. Keep in mind that site visitors also become irritated when they have to wait for ten whole seconds for your website to load.

To check if your website is mobile-responsive, try using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to examine your site. If it scores low, it’s time to talk to your website designer to improve your web design.

3. Focus on your visitor’s needs

Make your content focused on what the readers want. Try to interpret your services in a way that connects to your visitor. Then, put a call-to-action (CTA) to lead your visitors to the next steps.

You can use CTAs to prompt your site visitors to leave a comment or follow your social media handles. When you create your content, it is best to think about how your reader benefits from you and provide the necessary steps they need to do to get them.

4. Dangle proof in front of them

Scams and fake opportunities plague the Internet, which made skeptical readers hesitant to your offers. To overcome this difficulty, you can show them proof of your authenticity. Get testimonials from satisfied customers because what others say about you is the most excellent marketing tool in your arsenal.

5. Make email sign-ups visible on every page

An email list is one connecting factor that most successful online entrepreneurs have in common. A list of prospect’s contact details enables you to share exclusive news, promos, and limited offers. Sending emails is also a cheap marketing tool that only costs a good marketing software. With no ads, your profit margin increases drastically.

Since an email list is crucial, incorporate sign-up boxes on every page of your website. Offer something in exchange for their details, such as a coupon or free samples to make signing up more appealing.


When you do not know what steps to take nor do you have the right team members to help in enhancing your website, it will be harder for you to achieve your company goals. If you are looking for professional help with your website design in Boise Idaho, schedule a free website consultation call with us today to see how we can help!

Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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