3 Reasons You Must Build A Mobile-Friendly Website Design

3 Reasons You Must Build A Mobile-Friendly Website Design

“Has your website been mobile-optimized yet?”
“Why isn’t your website popping up as expected on mobile dimensions?”

“Are you finally making your website mobile-friendly?”
“If you’re missing out on having a mobile-optimized website, then your business is bound to fail.” 

Have you heard any of these questions recently from employees, consultants, online ads, or friends lately? Well, if there’s one thing to deduct from them, it’s this: your website isn’t as mobile-optimized as it needs to be.

Why it matters to start thinking about your mobile users

Although it may seem like such a trivial matter to think about at first, the truth about considering mobile users is that it’s more crucial than ever since smartphones have become the primary access points to any website.

With more than four billion Internet users currently storming search engines and visiting websites daily, a significant number of these searchers are using their phones to gain access. This means that if your website isn’t going to show up as well as it should on the screens of mobile visitors, then a chunk of your potential profits will not be attainable.

Now, with all this talk about the necessity of having a mobile-optimized website, you might think about why you need to get up and start making some changes to your web design. If you’re looking for a sign to jump right into the age where responsive design is the king by making the necessary tweaks, here are a few reasons that you can’t overlook:

Reason #1: Nearly every person on the Internet is using their phone

Whether it’s an eight-year-old, teenager, yuppie, or grandmother, the proliferation of smartphones has become so widespread to the point that there is nearly one in everyone’s hands.

Seeing that smartphone users are no longer the exception, but the majority, most of your potential customers and clients are now using their phones to view their website. Likewise, now that more than 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from their mobile devices, it’s safe to say that a smartphone-focused mindset is critical for larger-scale success.

Reason #2: With a mobile-centered design, your website will never be caught off guard

Although the benefits of going for responsive web design are geared towards yielding optimal smartphone users’ optimal experiences, it’s also vital to understand that websites also benefit.

When you take the time to rework your website’s design, you essentially give it a fighting chance to stay in its best shape where it’s being opened up. By attractively presenting your website no matter what screen size it’s displayed on, you’ll help visitors see your content in the best way possible, urging them to come in and buy some more!

Reason #3: Mobile-centered website designs are rewarded accordingly

Thanks to Google’s large-scale push towards consumer convenience, a crucial development that website owners need to watch out for is that the search engine rewards responsive design with high rankings.

If you were to dissect the highest-ranking websites individually, you will most likely notice that every one of them is mobile-friendly. This is no coincidence because the search engine’s algorithm is engineered to reward compliant websites with coveted top spots. This makes it crucial to enlist a web design expert’s help—such as Springboard Labs—right away so that you don’t get left behind!


Now that smartphones are more prevalent than ever and they’re responsible for more than half of the searches made on search engines daily around the world, it’s crucial to have a web design that’s mobile-friendly at all costs. By taking the three reasons mentioned above into consideration, you’ll have the necessary mindset to act fast and attain top-quality results!

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Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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