3 Ways Poor Website Design Is Damaging Your Business

3 Ways Poor Website Design Is Damaging Your Business

A lot of what drives people to be interested in something is the way things look. It is a fact that humans like things that look pleasing to them, pushing them to naturally seek what’s beautiful around them. This is why in everything—whether it be choosing a partner, in product design, advertising, and almost every aspect of life—aesthetics is a key factor to consider.

The same goes for web design, as even in the online world, people appreciate well-designed and developed websites and online spaces. User experience matters the most, and when a web design is badly done, people are likely going to search elsewhere. If you plan on taking your business to the next level, you not only have to invest in your products and services but also the web design of your homepage and store pages.

To cement that point further, here are three major ways that a poor website design can damage your business:

Search Engine Optimization Is Poor With Bad Design

Google’s algorithms will always favor a well-designed website, causing it to rank higher. In converse, a poorly designed website will rank lower, pushing your website statistics towards the poor end.

This happens through what is called an increased “bounce rate,” which is when people enter and leave the website right away. The reasons people leave websites can be chalked up to a lot of things. Some can be unrelated content, but more likely than not, web design can be an eyesore and be hard to navigate.

Always think about how you would react to your website if you were a consumer. If you hate badly designed websites and difficult navigation between pages, then it is best to do some analysis on your business page.

Note that SEO is more than just keywords and content. No matter how good the content you put out is, you will always lose out to customers if the site is poorly designed. Creating a better website means optimizing it for clear and accurate navigation, better cross-linking between posts that exist within your website, and using proper tags.

Bad Design Means Fewer Conversions

Broken links, confusing buttons and pages, and distracting graphics will make people wonder about your business’ integrity. If you have chanced upon a scam website’s page, you will likely find all these elements that make a website bad! You want a clean and concise website design to be able to convert leads into paying clients.

By crafting a professional-looking website that is easy to use and navigate, people are likely to enjoy their time browsing. It is known that people are skeptical about things found online, so make them have some form of trust by having nice photos, minimalistic web design, and fixed links.

With Bad Web Design Comes A Damaged Reputation

Would you refer someone to a business that is difficult to deal with? This would be highly unlikely!

Knowing how much the world is shifting to be heavily reliant on the internet and eCommerce, you want a reputation online that is good. This means people will refer you and link your products to people who are looking for them, expanding your business operations massively.

Good web design and development always screams positive things about a business, as it means they keep user experience in mind at all times. The point of your website is to show your business to the world and showcase the best products and practices. It is your business’ backbone and sets the foundation for your online presence. When this is affected negatively, it is often impossible to reverse, so be sure you make the right moves in terms of designing your website.


Website design is something that is gaining traction in today’s world. With so many businesses shifting online and developing their online presence, web design is a must. By investing in a proper web design agency to develop your business’s foundational pages, you can start to see better growth as a company.

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Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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