Video Conferencing Lighting – Portable lighting kit solution for Improving your poor video conferencing lighting

Video Conferencing Lighting – Portable lighting kit solution for Improving your poor video conferencing lighting

How to get better lighting for video conferencing

Poor video conference lighting is a problem.  Certainly the Coronavirus and the social distancing measures have increased everyone’s use of video conferencing yet most people still struggle with lighting.  Here is a simple solution for that problem that is best of all, portable AND easy to use. No longer do you have to appear like a witness protection informant while video conferencing with your family or business colleagues. 


Here is a link to my YouTube video that explains everything or keep reading for a more detailed explanation. PS:  Subscribe to the channel when you are there for more helpful videos to come.

I’m a big fan of portable lighting kits.  Portable lighting kits are easy to use and generally pretty cheap.  If you are on social media, you might have seen a ton of ads for a product called  Lume Cube. It’s a great product and portable which is great but there are better options in terms of brightness.  

If you’re working with a dark room or your computer placement isn’t optimal for lighting your face, try using the following:

  • Lume Cube Laptop Suction Cup Mount  –  It is a perfect mounting option to improve your poor video lighting.  No longer will you have to drag a lamp or lighting poles around to get better lighting.  I primarily use them on the back of my laptop, however, I’ve seen other users attach velcro to them and stick them on the wall etc..  It’s a really nice way to mount any portable LED light.
  • Aputure Amerman AL-M9 Portable LED light – This portable LED light is perfect for fixing your poor video conference lighting.  When fully charged, it will last around 1.5 hours at maximum brightness and 13 hours at the lowest brightness level.  It also includes a USB plug which will allow it to run longer if plugged in. This specific kit from Amazon includes some filters and a mounting bracket for cameras.
  • To mount your LED light such as the one above, you will need a ¼” 20 Male to ¼” 20 Female stud thumb screw connector  – This little gadget will run $5.95 and allow you to connect ANY portable LED light that has a ¼” 20 stud attachment to the suction cup mount listed above.

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