Bad Website Design – The Negative Effects On Your Business
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Bad Website Design – The Negative Effects On Your Business

What are the negative effects of a bad website design?  A lot of business owners unfortunately neglect their website, thinking of websites as a one-and-done deal. What these business owners fail to realize is that web design is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use to catapult the growth of your business. Contrary to what you may believe, a website is more than just a place for your customers to find your contact details, as your website will affect the performance of your overall brand.

What Makes for Bad Website Design

There is no exact formula to be followed when it comes to website design. But there are some mistakes that you should avoid: (for examples see Top 5 Worst Website Design Fails EVER)

  • Clutter – your homepage, along with other pages on your website, mustn’t be crowded with information. If there is too much clutter on your website, it will be an eyesore and turn away clients.
  • Dead links – always check for either bad or dead links. If the links are not functional on your website, it will make your site seem outdated. It will not only affect your SERP rankings but your customers’ perception of your business as well.
  • Unclear CTA (Call-To-Action) – if site visitors are confused about how to contact you, then there is something wrong with your CTAs. A poorly written CTA will make you lose prospective clients.
  • Compatibility – if your website doesn’t show well on mobile and other devices, then you’re in big trouble. Today, all websites must be compatible across all devices due to the growing number of people who access the internet on various mobile devices. In fact, one of Google’s ranking factors is a website’s mobile accessibility.
  • Outdated content – outdated content or inconsistent blog posts contribute to a poor website. Customers and search engines want websites that have updated websites because this reflects how active you are in the industry.

Check out our guide to 4 Essential Tips to Help Improve Your Website Design for efforts you should do on your website.

So what happens to your website when it has one or more of the bad website design elements?

It Fails To Serve Its Purpose

When you have a poorly-designed website, expect to have customers feeling confused or disinterested, which will make them leave the site. This will leave your website with no purpose at all.

It Will Cost You Money

Imagine a website that isn’t serving its purpose, isn’t that a total waste of money? As long as your website is live, you are paying for hosting and maintenance fees without getting anything in return.

It Will Not Attract Clients

One of the main purposes of a business website is to attract and convert clients. However, a poorly-designed website will do the opposite, turning potential customers away.

It Will Ruin Your Credibility

Poorly-designed websites cluttered with content and poor quality images will look unprofessional. With a bad website, your customers will not take your business seriously, which will ruin your credibility online.


It is crucial to understand the impact of your website. Always remember your website is more than just an online business card. It’s an opportunity for business growth, and one that you should take full advantage of. Your website design, along with other marketing strategies, can shape how your customers view your company.

That said, your website can make or break you. Therefore, make sure to invest in your website and in doing so, invest in the future of your business.

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Zach Springer

Zach Springer

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